Monday, September 1, 2008

I want to win

This weekend was my race. I have been really excited about it, because my sisters were all going to do it. Judy ended up hurting her knee, so she didn't get to run, but the rest of us did. Plus Craigs sister Tenae. So my goal had been to place in the top three, and run 9 min. miles, but that mourning when I woke up I decided I wanted to win. The first couple miles went by really fast, and I still felt great, so I sped up. I came around the corner and saw a banner down the road about .2 miles, so I started sprinting, and gave it all the energy I had left. However, when I got to the banner I realized everyone was still running, and there was another banner about a quarter mile farther down the road. CRAP. by now I had used every ounce of energy I had, but I had to keep going. at this point the street was lined with crowds of people, and they all looked like they were yelling and cheering, but strangely I couldn't hear them. (It wasn't until about ten minutes later that I realized I had my ipod on. hello.) everyone looked kind of blurry, at this point, and I couldn't feel my legs anymore, but somehow I managed to keep running. I crossed the finish line gasping for air, and trying not to pass out right there. I bumped into other sweaty people as I clumsily found the closest patch of shade, and plopped down on my back. I didn't move for several minutes until I heard some teenagers near me say "Is that girl OK, she hasn't moved for a really long time", so I sat up before they tried to revive me. I saw my sister annabeth, and friend crystal, so we all went over to check our times together. I punched my bib number into the computer, and couldn't understand why it said 1:38 and 9:87 so I called a friend over and had him look. He said "that means you took 1st out of your category, and 9th over all".I could not believe it. so I ended up taking 1st like I wanted, and ran 8.5 min miles. Pretty cool. I'll post some pictures at soon as Jo sends them. Isn't it so satisfying to actually accomplish your crazy big dreams? It did feel really good, and I still can't believe it really happened.