Tuesday, August 3, 2010

help me choose

We just got the disc of all Baby Benson's pictures, and we are having a REALLY hard time choosing our favorite for his announcement. Please help! vote for your favorite to help a sista out. Thanks.

Monday, August 2, 2010

8 years

8 years ago I was on my way to the Idaho Falls LDS temple. I was riding in the car with Craig L. Hall, and my stomach was doing flips. I was nervous, but excited. I knew he was the man I was supposed the spend eternity with, the man I wanted to spend eternity with. I sat in the brides room with my Mom, she took one last look to make sure everything was perfect...it was. Our families were all there, and the ceremony was beautiful...even though I honestly don't remember a word that was spoken. I was far away, floating on cloud 9.
Fast forward to now. We have 3 beautiful kids, 6 chickens, a cute little house with a cute yard and little garden. We don't have lots of expensive things, but we are so rich. We still have each other, and I still want him for eternity. We have all the important parts to a happy life.

last Wednesday Craig was riding to mutual on his Honda ruckus, and it was raining. He tried to slow down when the car in from of him did, but he couldn't stop, he crashed, and skidded for 45 feet...he wasn't wearing a helmet.
He walked in the door, clothes all torn up and bloody, his hands and side of his face were hamburger...I wanted to cry. He scrubbed all the rocks out of his leg, hands, and face, and that's when he looked like he wanted to cry..but of course he didn't. he was so blessed not to have sustained any serious injuries. He did hurt his shoulder, but for the most part he is OK.
The accident made me really think about how grateful I am for him, and what he means to me. The world. That man means the world to me, and I truly do love him with all my heart.

I wrote him this little poem for today, but I have to leave out a couple lines, because they are just for my Man to read:)

Like Love birds you and me,
Plus baby that made three.
soon we wanted more,
plus baby that made four.
a bigger car to drive,
plus baby that makes five.
your hair has gotten thin,
but my heart you still win.
My life with you is great,
I look forward to the next 8 (years).
Use this gift each day,
be safe, my love, I pray.

Can you guess what I gave him?

Bensons Birth

On July 20 I went to the Dr. and he said I was dilated to a 3, 50% effaced. He stripped my membrane, and told me to go be active, and he would see me in labor and delivery that night.
I went and got Craig and the kids...and we went four wheeling. It was lots of fun, but didn't put me into labor. We tried everything we could think of to no avail. The next morning, July 21, Dr.C texted me to come to his office. You see, I wanted to have a VBAC delivery, and he is the only Dr. I trusted to do it...also the only one willing to try. He was leaving town for 2 weeks the next day, so we were down to our last day, last chance to avoid another C section.
I went to his office, I was now a 4, so he stripped my membrane again, told me I had until midnight to have my baby, and wished me the best.
I went and got a gyro from my Moms favorite Greek food establishment, because that's what she would have done.
I picked up the kids, picked up my seeester Judy, and went on a little hike up to the pillars (you only know what that means if you have ever lived here), and around the hill. Judy and I spent the afternoon trying to get my little guy to come. we ended up going on a walk at about 6:15, we walked to the hospital, and I felt like my contractions were getting harder, and closer. We decided we would just go in and see if they would keep me. It was now 6:45.
My Dr. had just finished another delivery, so he came in to check me..I was talking to my father in law on the phone.
The Dr said I was a 5 now, and my contractions were 2 minutes apart, he broke my water, I was still on the phone. I asked my Father in law to "please send Craig to the hospital..my water just broke" and ended my conversation. Craig came, Karen My Mother in law came, Judy was there...and my Mom was there too.
At 8:45 Benson was born...perfect.

Art Sale

Carter heard from a cousin that she was going to Disney land with her family... that's all it took to plant the seed. Craig told him if he can earn enough money to buy his park pass for two days we will go, so Carter has been thinking of ways to earn money ever since. One idea he came up with was to sale his "art work". Every morning he wakes up before us, and starts drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, etc.
fast forward to relay for life preparations. I was a team captain for Relay, so I headed up fundraising, and Carter and Layla were my sidekicks. When he realized that I was raising money to find a cure for cancer, and Grandma Leslie died from cancer, he decided he wanted to give his money to relay for life.
These are picture of the art sale we had, combined with Laylas lemon aid stand. Carter and Layla made the perfect pair. As cars got near the house they would run out to the sidewalk and start dancing, and waving the cars over...it worked. Who can resist? They were able to raise $46.50.
I am so proud of Him for the hours and hours, careful planning, and hard work he put into his fundraiser. Carter, I love ya.

camping and fishing

One of my most favorite people in the world is Craig's sister Jenny. It is so great to have someone that loves me and Craig so much. The problem is, they live in Georgia, and that is really far away. So any chance they have to visit we feel like we have to pack in a years worth of fun. I'm sure they go home feeling like they need another vacation to re coop from visiting us.
one thing we did while they were here was camping and fishing (because Greg loves it so much,wink wink).
Craigs brother Ben runs a fish hatchery, and has a great home/yard for camping out. Ben & Emma were nice enough to let us all crash at there place for the weekend, and the kids had a blast with there puppy, kittens, chickens, and nearby houses. Craig had to work, so i packed up the kids, and we went on our adventure without him.
jenny and greg
All the Hall cousins
Grandma Hall after spenidng the weekend with 15 crazy kids.
Me and Grace dancing
Me and Layla fishing at the hatchery
All the kids riding in the truck to the hatchery. Good thing we didn't see any police cars.
Carter with his two Golder Trout
Our big catch
The kids