Friday, October 2, 2009


Now I know a true lady never reveals her age, but we all know I'm not a true lady...and I don't mind revealing my true age. Today I turn 28 years old, and I'm good with it. I feel like I have received so many blessings, and this is a beautiful time of my life. I am in just the place I want to be, with the people I want to be with. Sure, I would LOVE to see more of my perfect, sweeps me off my feet, best husband in the world, but I know those days will come.
Last night the kids and I were playing around with the camera, and I was just thinking "Man, I love my life" while they tried to make me laugh...not a hard thing to do. How is it that one person can be so blessed?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

going private this weekend

Just one last notice that we are making our blog private this weekend. Leave your info, and We'll put you on the list. Love ya all lots.