Friday, January 8, 2010


The other day I got an email about a blogging conference that will be held this spring.Once I accepted the fact that I am a big BIG nerd, I couldn't deny that it sounded like lots of fun,and would be the perfect place to go with the girls. They had a little form to fill out for people interested in speaking, so I figured why not try to get in for free. I didn't honestly think they would ask me, so I didn't say anything about it to the Craigster.
Fast Forward 2 weeks(ish).
I got this email from a sender I didn't recognize, and nearly deleted it. Luckily, I hit open on accident, and it was a letter letting me know I had been selected to be part of the Conference as a special guest. I was surprised, but really excited. Mostly becasue this meant a girls weekend was eminant in my forseeable future, and it would be free.
This Conferance is going to be a big PARTY, and I want you to come.
Go to, to get all the details.
See you there!?!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Things I've learned as a Mother

Basically, there are certain things in life you learn as a Mother, and only as a Mother. The reason for this is simple, and totally makes my mind anyway. Non Mothers are better off not knowing. That way, they don't have to worry about it.
For example, I learned something new today...stickers can get stuck up your nose if you push them far enough! Who would have thought!?! Or better yet...who would have tried (aside from my son, of course)?
I also know some useful things, like on our way to the library it's more fun to take the mall parking lot "shortcut" then to stay on the main road...more corners & bumps.
Bubble wrap makes good dress ups, and hours of entertainment.
Cheese is as good as new after you cut off the mold, bread is not!
To a four year old, licking your hands and washing them are one and the same.
What are some valuable lessons you have learned from your Chickie's?