Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween In Boise

We went to Boise for Halloween weekend, and got to hang out with the Boise fam. The Craigster was working that weekend, and my mom and dad were heading that way, so we hitched a ride with my car. I LOVE visiting my sisters in Boise. Joannes family, known as the Wilcows (Wilcox + Rowe = Wilcow)treat my chickies like royalty. Actually, they just play with them...lots.
When we go to Boise Layla is so excited to see her Abby and Dillon that she never sleeps the whole way there. Carter also loves the 7 Wilcow kids, but his true Boise love is his Auntie Annabeth. He adores her. In fact, she is the only person he has ever wanted to marry, other than me.