Saturday, September 5, 2009

get away

Not as in "get away from me", but as in "wow babe, we need to get away from our crazy lives for a day, and just be together!" We have a great friend named Chris Dudley, we like to call him studley dudley. He took us fishing in a place I'm sure you have all been called Pine Idaho...oh you've never heard of it? My bad. It's in the middle of no where, and it's one of the most beautiful places ever. I guess they are just keeping it a secret or something, but we had a great time fishing there. We were cocanie fishing, and they are fire red salmon. So pretty. They spawn in this particular place, and they were just everywhere. In some of the pictures you can see them really well in the water....they are the red spots in the river.
We slept under the stars, and oh my work, I had almost forgotten how many stars there really are. It took my breath away when I looked up after we put out the fire. Wow.

You can really see the fish in this picture

Monday, August 31, 2009

Scentsy Convention

Me and Karen (my Scentsy sponsor) with Orval Thompson, the President of the company
Orval Thompson on their awesome stage for the convention. I will have a stage like thisish someday for my convention!

They had this sweet circus/carnival one night, and we had fun taking pictures...too much fun!

I had the chance to go to the Scentsy National Convention recently, and it was a WONDERFUL experience. It helped me with some things I've been working on with my! Heidi and Orval Thompson started the company five years ago, and now it has almost 50,000 consultants. They are such amazing people, so down to earth and kind. I learned so much from them, and look to them as examples of who and what I want to be. side note: I am a Scentsy consultant, so I can give you the hook up if you love scentsy too.

My company is having our first NATIONAL CONVENTION on September 26. I am SOO excited for everyone that is coming, and the awesome program we have put together for them. Do you ever have that dream when you are having a party, or event, and nobody comes in your evil dream? That was my biggest fear, that it would just be me...and the table of yummy cheese cakes. hmmm, maybe that wouldn't be so bad. anyway, we have had a really good response from the I guess I wont be left alone with the cheese cake after all. It won't be nearly as HUGE as Orval and Heidi's convention, but I think we will have the same enthusiasm, and excitement. Yay for First Impressions!