Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hair CUT!

Craig and I seem to have this continual disagreement regarding hair.
He likes it SHORT, and I like it long:)
Such is true when it comes to both myself, and our children.
Benson's hair had gotten pretty long, and started looking a little shaggy around his ears, so I decided it was time for "a LITTLE trim"...my words exactly.

Craig was home, and he is our resident Barber (most of the time, but sometimes I'll get brave and do it myself...and that can be scary!), so I got everything set up for him.

tall chair...check
buzzers ready with Longest attachment available...check
water bottle...check
baby stripped down to diaper...check
strawberry sucker...check

We were all set, but my phone began to ring, so I ran out real fast to grab it. I made the call short, because I didn't want to miss the action. I walked back in the make-shift "Barber shop" just in time....in time to see Craig buzz right down the middle with the SHORTEST attachment!

Ahhhhh! Stooooop......too late.



Still, He is so so super cute, and I just want to eat his little cheeks, but I miss his long strawberry blond hair. It's amazing how your baby can turn into a little boy in a matter of minutes!
He looks SO much older to me, and I think that is really the part I don't like.