Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I wrote the wrong web site (thanks Abby for the heads up).
Go to
leave your tag line for the picture of Benson, and you could win a $15 gift card a Good luck friends. winning:)

So Funny!

There is this new blog called
and it is so funny. It's just a bunch of funny mommy moment pictures that people send in, and they post them. Every Tuesday they post a picture and have people leave their own "tag line" for it in the comment box. The winning tag line for the week gets $15 at . Today's Tag line picture is of my BENSON:) Go check it out. I submitted the tag line "you want to stick that thermometer WHERE?" with my picture, but when I went to submit it officially today someone had already written that WORD. FOR. WORD...dang!
Come up with your own, and have some fun.

Monday, May 30, 2011

It's a Birthday

Layla had a birthday, and now my baby girl is 4! For her birthday she wanted Kaiden and Kylie to go swimming with us, have a pizza party, and sleep over...and so it was. She got this pretty dress for Annabeths wedding before Annabeth really had colors, so the dress didn't end up matching the wedding colors, so the dress became her "birthday dress". This birthday was kind of stretched out over a week because of busy schedules, so we have lots of fun pictures.

This is my favorite! This picture is her response to "who is going to have a birthday this week?"

As you can see in those pictures...Layla is a ball of personality. She is so much fun to be around, and watch as she learns and grows. She is a princess (she wore that crown for a solid week), but she is a tom boy at the same time. The perfect combination of bugs and ballet.

Things I LOVE about Layla:
The way her little bum shakes from side to side when she runs.
the way she says a W when there is a L. "wipstick"
Her bold, sweet, energetic, tell it like it is personality.
I love (and hate) the way she sits down, shakes her bottom, and gets that certain look on her face when she needs to go potty.
I LOVE her skip/run.
I love it when she tries to comfort her brothers....older and younger.
Her imagination.
I love her beautiful eyes.
The list goes on and on and on, but in the end...I just love LAYLA.