Thursday, October 29, 2009

Most Amazing Swim suits Ever

Most amazing swim suits ever! These Swimming suits can make anyone look AMAZING, and the proof lies within the blond model
Frankly, I'm a little embarrassed to put these pictures on my blog, and really debated with my inner self if I should do it or not. I actually asked The Craigster if I should model them...because I couldn't wear my G's, and wondered if it was appropriate, and if I would have to have a talk with the Bish, and if he would be embarrassed for me to model a swim suit...of course his answer was "Heck yes, you should do it, and it's a swim suit, so your not supposed to wear G's with it" Okay, so I am a BIG DORK, we have previously covered that...but I confirm it again. I decided for it, but only so you know about these suits that I know you are going to LOVE, as I love them.
As you look at the following pictures you must agree to two things:

1) be kind
2) tell me what suit you like the best

My Incredible sister Judy called me a while ago, and she told me about these swim suits she was designing. I was really excited for her. A short time later she called again, and this time she asked me if I would be one of her models. Naturally...I began to hyperventilate! I mean wouldn't you if somebody asked you to put on a swim suit, and not only do you have to stand there while everyone stares at you...but you have to stand there while they take pics of you. Awkward! I mean hello, I've had a couple babies, one by Cesarean, and I've got the tummy to prove it.
However, I am a compulsive pleaser, and can't figure out how to say my 2 year olds favorite word. N.O. So of coarse I said "oh sure, that would be great". Little did I know that it actually would be an incredible day, and that I would feel great in her Swim Suit!
These suits have these secret little pockets and pleats designed to hide, or accentuate, in the appropriate places. If I could define them in one word it would be "LOVE".

The online store isn't all the way up yet, but go check out her website for more pictures and info at, tell your friends too, because these swimming suits are going to be the next big thing in your local watering holes.