Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mystery Girl

Yesterday was Craig's day off work, and he worked his cute little booty off at home. We have had these three big ugly tree stumps IN our front yard since we lived here, and this week we finally had them removed. right now we have three BIG, UGLY, tree stumps ON our front yard, which isn't an improvement at all. It will be nice when we clear them out.
After a long hard day I thought Craig deserved a nice yummy dinner. I made a super really good meal if I do say so myself, and used almost all produce from our garden. Plus, these delicious blueberry bars from scratch. Yum. As we were all at the table enjoying our food we heard a little knock at the front door. Craig went and opened the door, and in walked a tiny little girl with her teddy under her arm. We greeted her warmly, and looked at each other. "who is that?" I finally asked Craig, "I don't know" he said, "I thought you knew who it was". We all had to laugh at this mystery girl that decided she wanted to come visit our home, but where did she come from? We went outside expecting to find a worried mother calling out for her girl, but were surprised to find no one. Our street was empty. When we got outside the little girl took off running down the road, so Craig followed behind her. He thought she knew where she was going, turns out she didn't. Suddenly, there was some guy running after them from the other direction. He grabbed the girl from Craig and said "um, thanks" and disappeared back where he came from. We made sure it was her father, and it was...random.