Friday, September 23, 2011

Favorite Fridays

I've decided I am going to be a little more dedicated to my blog, and post on a little more regular basis. I know you (yes you, the one that reads my blog:)) deserve better from me, so to show my appreciation, I am going to share a few of my FAVORITE things. Let's call it....Favorite things?!?! That will make me sing the song from the sound of music every time I post on Friday, and then I'll have it stuck in my head for the rest of the day, and that's just no good. So, how about "favorite Fridays"?! Is that one good? Ok, lets keep it.

For our very first ever Favorite Friday item I wanted to go with something magnificent, something whimsical, with a little fluff, and a little zing all at the same time. Last week as I was helping Dad unpack Mom's things I came across a little treasure.

Moms little green recipe box!

Now, if you were so blessed as to have known my Mom, then you know she wasn't exactly known for following a recipe....she was just too creative for that:) She did, after all, write her own recipe book! But one thing Mom always loved was Lemon! If I had to pick just one recipe that she actually followed it would be her "Luscious Lemon Bar cookie" one.

Finding this little treasure made my soul sing, and my heart happy. This little goody is written in Mom's hand writing on the back of an old, Robbin egg blue, Smith's pharmacy envelope, with Uncle Stobbes name on the front. hehehe, just so Mom, I love it! I can see her and Aunt Cleo standing in Cleo's kitchen in UT, 38 years ago, laughing, and eating "Luscious Lemon Bar cookies", and Mom grabbing the closest piece of paper saying "This is HEAVENLY! I must get the recipe!".

So, my dear friend, this recipe is passed once more:) I hope you love it.

                                                           Luscious Lemon Bar Cookies
                                                           makes 3 dozen 11/2" squares

Crust1C. soft butter
dash of salt
1/2 C. powdered sugar
2C. flour

Combine all ingredients- mix well. Press mixture into 9x13" pan. Bake at 350' for 15 min. (or until browned)

4 eggs beaten
2C. gram sugar
1/4 C. flour
6 Tbs. lemon juice

if desired, add 1C. shredded coconut (I highly recommend it). Combine flour and sugar. Mix in beaten eggs and lemon juice. pour into the slightly cooled crust. Bake at 350' for 25 min. Or until set. Cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar. cut into squares, and enjoy.

*I'm heading to Utah for the weekend to visit my Judy, and I know it will be fabulous. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too:)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

 Time for a good old fashion game of bowling for the Hall gang! We realized it had been over a year...maybe even two since our last bowling outing, so we had to show the kids our skills.

It didn't take long for me to realize our (Myself and the Craigsters) skills aren't so impressive these days...especially when Layla had a higher score than both of us!

That's about when I decided it was time for a little Crazy bowl! And we all (me and the one person that reads my blog) know that's something I totally rock at:)

We had the backward through, the spin toss, granny roll, granny roll backwards, left handed, boogy bowl, and eyes closed. It was epic, hahaha.


This round we had to do a little dance after we chucked the ball down the lane, and the kids dances were so funny. I'm glad I got them on tape:)

I LOVE laylas' dance! This little lady has got herself some moves, hahaha.
Check back in tomorrow for my FIRST EVER Fridays are NOT going to want to miss it:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

play time

Every day after school Carter comes home and says "Mom, I would like to have------- over to play!", and I always seem to have a reason why that won't work out today..."but maybe another day" I say.
After this same conversation took place 357 times I started to feel bad, so we invited his new school buddies over today.

It is basically the first time I have invited children I don't know very well over to play with my children, and parents I don't know at all to tag along. It was the craziest thing, the way I was nervous. You know the way you feel when you're having a birthday party, and you worry no body is going to show up? That's how I was weird!

Layla and I cleaned the whole entire house, swept and hosed down the back porch, cleaned up the yard, arranged the patio furniture just right, prepared fresh carrots out of the garden, grapes, crackers and cheese, punch, side walk paint and brushes, got the Geo Trax out, and waited! We waited and read, and waited and played a board game, and practiced the alphabet and waited until we heard Carter come home. The look on his face was priceless! He looked around as realization set in. He knew all this was for him, and for the magical moment, I think he might have felt the depth of my love for him.

What a day:)

The friends did come. The boys played in the castle outside, had a berry war, painted, ran, built a train track, had some snacks. At the end of the day Carter will remember all the fun he had with his friends, but mostly (I hope), the feeling of his mamas love.

Monday, September 19, 2011

This weekend I helped my Dad unpack some boxes....special boxes.

2 years ago my Mom and Dad thought they had sold their home on S. 19th Ave, so they packed almost all of their things and moved them to a storage unit until they had a new house. Sadly, the sell didn't end up working out, and they had already done all that packing.
Can you imagine? I would be livid if that happened to me! Rrarrrrr, tiger woman would make herself known.

Anyway, Mom Started getting really sick right after all that....and, you know that rest.

The boxes in storage took a big back seat to everything else (Like, they were clear back in the trunk, and the trunk popped open, and they totally came falling out of the vehicle kind of a back seat). We finally went to the storage unit a couple of weeks ago to haul some of the essentials back to Dad's house for him. I was putting some things in the closet, and saw some of Mom's clothes hanging up.

A rush of emotions over took me, and I suddenly missed her again with the same fierceness I felt the day she passed. My chest hurt, it was physical. I felt a something drip onto my hand, and realized they were my tears. However, as suddenly as the overwhelming emotions overtook me, they were replaced with deep feelings of Love. I have so much love and gratitude for my Mom, the things she went through, what she taught me, and the legacy she left.

Mom continues to play a very large role in my life. Not a day goes by that I don't think "what would Mom have said to me in this situation" or "would Mom approve of my parenting style right now?". I have flash backs of my childhood, and things she has said to me. I try to emulate her with my own children, and pray that I will do half as good of a job as her.

Love you mom.