Thursday, September 22, 2011

 Time for a good old fashion game of bowling for the Hall gang! We realized it had been over a year...maybe even two since our last bowling outing, so we had to show the kids our skills.

It didn't take long for me to realize our (Myself and the Craigsters) skills aren't so impressive these days...especially when Layla had a higher score than both of us!

That's about when I decided it was time for a little Crazy bowl! And we all (me and the one person that reads my blog) know that's something I totally rock at:)

We had the backward through, the spin toss, granny roll, granny roll backwards, left handed, boogy bowl, and eyes closed. It was epic, hahaha.


This round we had to do a little dance after we chucked the ball down the lane, and the kids dances were so funny. I'm glad I got them on tape:)

I LOVE laylas' dance! This little lady has got herself some moves, hahaha.
Check back in tomorrow for my FIRST EVER Fridays are NOT going to want to miss it:)

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