Saturday, November 22, 2008

Angel Baby

Well, I never, EVER, have blogged about this stuff before. But, this is basically my journal, and I had a neat experience, so I'm going to write a small part of it to help myself remember it.
As many people know, I take hand impressions. However, as many people don't know, sometimes I take hand impressions of people after they die. Mostly babies, and children. I had the chance to go to a local funeral home this week, and take some impressions of a very sweet little (tiny) 21 week old preemie. He was absolutely perfect. PERFECT! He had the cutest little ears, fingernails, blond hair, and ever finger prints. It was just amazing.
It breaks my heart to think that some people claim these babies don't count as a life. How can anyone take any part in an abortion? I really don't understand it. I'm grateful for the Chance I have to help strangers (most of the time) deal with the loss of a child, and I count them. I Hope they know I count their little angels as people, as a life. This is a pictures of the feet I made for the family.

LeAvEs ArE FaLliNg DoWn

our neighbor has a ton a leaves, so of coarse we had to go play in them. Craig was throwing the kids into our pile, and they would totally disappear. It was really funny. We have a video of it, but I'm having a hard time posting it. If I can figure it out I'll share.

a tad late

I know, I KNOW! I'm a little late...k, I'm a really late. I just barely put the pictures from Halloween onto my computer, so I thought I would post these...late.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Carter was sing this song called "God is bigger than the Boogie Man" from Veggie Tales, and it is so funny. Craig recorded him without him knowing, so it is 100% sincere and cute.