Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Have you seen my spoon?

My guy and I recently did some work on our kitchen... as in we totally gutted it and started over. Our little 2 week project ended up taking 5. five weeks with no kitchen is like 5 years in mommy time. I didn't have a sink to do dishes in, and it was too awkward to do them in the bathtub, so we resorted to paper plates and plastic utensils temporarily.
(side note, part of the project was installing my first ever dish washer.7 1/2 years of sweet marriage bliss, 2 1/2 kids later...I was more than ready. give me a
hall-a-lu-ya for that)
We all got in the habit of throwing everything away after we ate...a habit that has proven to be hard to break. I found a spoon in the garbage can one day, and than again the next day. This continued for some time, with me finding the spoon, removing it from the garbage, placing it in the dishwasher, and wondering which of my little shorties kept tossing their spoons. Until the other day, mystery solved.
My Guy dished himself a bowl of plain old Albertsons brand Vanilla Ice Cream...his favorite, sat down to enjoy it, stood up, walked to the trash can, and tossed his spoon in...right in front of my suspicious eyes. Ah Hah.
We found our spoon tosser, but in the mean time I'm down to seven spoons, and we are back to using the tossable kind. I'm sure there is a valuable lesson to be learned here, but I'm just telling you the story because I think its awesome.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ride Em Cowboy

You may never guess it by looking at me, but one of my fav-o-rite traditions is to go to the Rodeo once a year. Some years we go all out, tight jeans, tucked in button up shirt, cowboy hat, big hair, you know, all of that. Other years we just go enjoy as our regular selves.

This year my guy and I decided to go as our regular selves, and dress up the kids. They were so dang cute, so I had to share the cuteness.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


First of all, the convention was wonderful. The other two woman on the discussion panel with me were lovely, and they both had great ideas for time management. Judy is always such a joy to be around, so I came home feeling renewed, and ready to face the day(or night, because is was actually like 8:00pm). But you get the picture.
Thank you for all the well wishes, and encouraging messages. you guys are amazing!

Last year I missed the deadline for spring soccer...and fall soccer, so I made sure we didn't miss it this year. Carter played his first team sport, and it was a thrill to watch him interact with his team mates... even if we did have to bribe him to actually play the game. He was SO so excited to play at the beginning, but when it came down do it, he was more interested in finding dandy lions on the field. He may have only scored one goal all season (and that's even debatable), but he most definitely is the winner when it comes to making me smile.