Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Carter sings...

..Three homes in Alabama...Where the clouds are so blue. (you know...Sweet home Alabama)

dress ups

Layla sure looks like she is having a blast doesn't she? Haha, the funny thing is that she was the one that wanted to dress up. She kept handing the other princess skirt to Carter, and trying to get him to dress up with her. He finally gave in, and I think he even started to have fun with it. Yikes.

Carters Birthday Partayyyy

Carter is 4. He Got to have his first friends party this year, and he wanted a dino party. So that is what he had.
Carter, you make me so happy! I love it when you tell me that you love me...more. Also, I love, love, love it when you tell me that I am your best friend, and that we'll be best friends forever. You are such a good brother, and teach Layla so many important things, like how to pray. Thank you for scratching my back when I don't feel good, and for always wanted to play games with me. I love you...more. love, Mom