Friday, April 30, 2010

top ten for the week

Top ten most memorable moment of my week (in no particular order):

10- Pulling a muscle in my right leg know as the "Groin muscle". Craig has had a great time teasing me about the fact that I didn't know I had one...what, it sounds like something only boys would have. Does it not?

9- Layla pooping at the petting zoo, and me almost trading her for a kitten.

8- riding electric cart through Walmart (because of aforementioned leg injury)

7- running into display and knocking over BIG garbage can with electric cart in the dead silent middle of walmart. (where were all the crying children? I mean really, when is walmart EVER quiet.)

6- playing in the rain with Carter and Layla

5- Seeking advice from older, wiser, kinder sister, and being awed by her wisdom.

4- moving my fridge and oven back into my newly remodeled kitchen after five weeks without them. Welcome back oven... we baked brownies in honer of your return to us.

3- taking 48 hand impressions in the past 10 days.

2- Talking Layla into sending her poo down to the magical water world under our house. (aka, pooing on the toilet)

1- Carter and Layla singing me to sleep, and gently stroking my face after I hurt myself.

Life is beautiful...sometimes you just have to look harder to see it.