Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cute little curly Q

Can I just say "awwwww, sooooo cute!!!"
I was folding laundry when Layla came in with the curlers, and told me she wanted them in her hair. We had never put curlers in all of her hair before, and she was willing to we gave it a whirl. Layla has a cute little cousin with super tight natural curls, and when we took the curlers out Layla looked in the mirror and said "look Mom, I'm Kayley now".
The women in my family are prone to creating boys. The pink ones come few and far between, so I was shocked and thrilled the day I found out my baby would be a girl... maybe the only one I get, who knows. If she does turn out to be my only one I would not feel sad for a moment, because she fills the sweet little feminine role so completely. I often get reprimanded from her for waking up her baby dolls, but a tender little hug of apology is always close behind. It is a beautiful gift God gives to all females from the time we are born, the gift of nurturing. Today I'm thankful for my little girl, and her sweet hugs full of comfort and love.