Monday, December 21, 2009

New Holiday

I happen to be a person that LOVES Christmas, the whole season really. I love the lights, the goodies, the songs, the joy, and most of all...the anticipation. It build. Bigger, bigger, and bigger. Christmas comes, and we play all week in anticipation of New Years Eve. It's exciting, it's fun, and then's over!

When it all ends I always feel this sadness in my heart, because I don't have anything to look forward to until Valentines Day. This year I decided we need a new Holiday, one that comes near the end of January. So, I decided to make it a little game. Wanna play?

Here is what you do... leave your best new holiday ideas, how your holiday is celebrated, decorated, etc. The sky is the limit, and I even have a wonderful prize for the person that comes up with my favorite idea. The winner will get my Mothers brand new Cook Book, just published last week, you can't even buy it in stores yet.

Have fun, and get those wheels turning.