Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Dancer

Layla started dance lessons this year with 3 of her sweet little friends. They had their Christmas show last weekend, and they were super cute. If I can figure out how to post it I will. Let me just say, Layla was hilarious! I love this little angel so much, and love to watch her grow.

Oh Christmas Tree

The other night we planned to decorate our Christmas tree, but making ginger breat houses took way longer than planned. So, plan B, we could do it the next night.
The next night Craigs old boss surprised us that he wanted to take us out for dinner, so we went to plan C...the next night.
That night Craig had to go to mutual, so we thought we could do it when he got home. We had a string of visitors after he got home, one of which was our Stake President (We got a new Bishopric on Sunday, so Craig was released as the first Counselor...for 5 minutes, before they put him back in with the new Bishop). By the time we were ready to do the tree it was pretty late, but we knew it wouldn't happen any other night that week, so we pressed forward.
It was fun to hear Craig tell the kids about all of his old ornaments, and to watch the kids try to find the perfect branch for each one. I love so many things about Christmas, and decorating the tree is at the top of my list.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

ginger bread houses, mobile homes, and out houses

Grandpa and Grandma Hall came over the other night, and we made gingerbread houses...the easy kind, with grahm crackers in stead of gingerbread. We kind of paired off into 3 teams, the Grandparents team, the girl team, and the boy team. When we were done we ended up with an out house from the grandparent team, a mobile home from the girl team, and a cute little house whith a car from the boy team...who would have thought.