Thursday, October 7, 2010

cat lady

I left layla on the potty to do her business. while I was gone she took the pen from her potty chart and drew whiskers on her face. This is the happy little kitty face I came back to find.

What would I do without my Layla to keep things light and playful around here?

end of summer olympics party

At the beginning of summer the kids and I made A summer calendar. We carefully planned all the activities we wanted to do. Here is an idea of what we had:
Garden Day, treasure hunt, camping, car wash, kite day, pajama day, water day, visit Dinosaur park, camp out in back yard day, Art sale, picture treasure hunt, fishing, American idle with the video camera, rock collecting hike, flower collecting hike, scavenger hunt, float the river, swimming, cupcake day (I liked that one), Theme picnic, go to the drive in (I didn't know it closed 4 years ago. opps), Talent show with friends, Project runway home style, and last but not least summer Olympics party.
We filled the days in-between those days with: Craft day, chef Day (the kids got to do the cooking), Make a fort day, game day, symphony at the part, visit farmers market, cousin day, cleaning day (not their fav), and stuff like that.
Every day the kids would look at the calendar we made and ask me what we were doing that day, they loved it. Some things didn't work out on the designated day, so we just switched things up when we had to. Our Olympic party kept getting pushed back, but we finally got it in at the very last weekend of the summer. feeeewwwww