Friday, April 15, 2011


These are my Twin boys born 5 1/2 years apart. They love and adore each other, and Carter likes telling people Benson is his twin brother. It's funny to see Benson make all the same expressions carter used to make as a baby, but he has a personality all of his own. He is a sweet sweet baby, loves to chatter and laugh. Today Layla and Benson were playing and giggling together, I asked What she was doing and she said "we were just talking to each other in baby Spanish". Are you kidding me, that's the cutest thing I ever heard. Benson wakes us all up every morning with his squills and giggles, he is my little sunshine baby.

Jammies Day

Every once in a GREAT while we will have a day where for whatever reason we don't have to be anywhere, and we like to call those days "Jammie Day". Such was the case on April first, everything I needed to do that day could be done from home, so none of us got dressed all day...and we loved every minute. This is what we did...

Built a snow lady

made funny faces

had a toe puppet show

read silly stories

made felt flowers

and played games on the computer.

I love days like this where we can just be, and love being with each other. These times seem to be fleeting, so I try to hold on tight to them when I can.

April Fools?

One thing I've learned in my life is that God had a sense of Humor...and so should I. We woke up on April 1st to find snow, and we thought that was a great April fools joke. The kids rolled up almost every single little tiny piece of snow in our yard to make this snow man, but seeing how it was officially spring we just couldn't dress him in the typical scarf and had. Our snow man quickly became a snow lady when I broke out the luau decor which seemed more appropriate to me. At least we gave the passer buys something to smile about on that cold April fools day:)


If you don't know Karen Hall you are missing out! She is one of the most creative, fun, hard working people I know, and the best Grandma Hall my kids ever had:) She planned this super cute activity for her ward for the Moms and girls, it was a princess tea party! Are you kidding me? That is basically every little girls dream to have a princess tea party with her Mommy!

The room was decorated just how you might imagine it, with the brightest most feminine colors and textures you can imagine...but all I could take pictures of was my own little princess. She was absolutely in HEAVEN! Can't you see it in her eyes!?! Layla giggled, danced, and skipped every where she went, it was the sweetest thing ever, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Karen had 4 long tables end to end lined up full of beads for the girls to make jewelry, 4 tables full of stuff to make headbands and hear flowers, and an area to make princess skirts. layla arrived at the tea party as a pink princess, and left as the Queen of red (which is totally her new thing by the way).

A great big Thank You to Karen for inviting us to her magnificent tea party (which was actually on her birthday), We love you very much Grandma Hall, and are so thankful to have you in our lives.