Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Time Fun At My HoUsE

I LOVE to decorate my house for Fall time! The colors are so natural and lovely, it's simply a great musician once put it.

Growing up, my Family had a tradition of making place mats using the most colorful Autumn leaves we would find, and I always loved it. This fun tradition has carried over to my little family. The Craigser and I loaded the kids, four wheelers, and the In Laws up, and we all went for the most BEAUTIFUL Autumn ride EVER! Is was simply magical! The leaves were the most vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges I have ever seen. I love my Mom and Dad in law, so it was wonderful to have them there for that amazing afternoon. When we got home we assembled our new place mats for the year, and I decided to add the photograph element this year. It's fun to see the kids as they climb up my tall kitchen chairs to find where their place mat will be. They each actually put the leaves and pictures on themselves...and then, of course, I moved them around when they weren't looking. wink, wink.

Another night we made about 30 caramel, and while chocolate apples. The apples were all off our tree out back, so they were extra wonderful:)
We made a TON because I wanted to take them around for ALL the primary workers in my awesome ward. We had our program (as previously noted), and they did a great job of keeping the kids focused, so they deserved a reward of their own. I packaged them all cute in these little Chinese foodish take out boxes. cute, cute.

Lay love REALLY enjoyed her apple. She worked on it for about 2 hours...seriously! Such a mess!