Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun Weekend!

all the young kids smashed on my bed to watch a movie.
We had a talent show one night, and Carter did a puppet show for it. He did a great job, it was way funny.

I took the kids up to Island Park for the weekend with some of my family. We stayed at my families cabin, and it was so much fun. True, it was raining 85% of the time, and SNOWING the other 15%, but we know how to make our own fun. Oh yes, I did say snowing. It is June, what the heck. Anyway. We played the moose is loose, cards, talked, watched movies, chatted, rode the four wheeler, watched Layla do tricks on the scary spiral stairs, and talked a little more. Did I mention my sisters were all there, and only one spouse. My brother in law Jeff is so awesome, just let me tell you. He took the kids on an adventure walk, played games with them, started movies, and whatever else so all the sisters could catch up. Thank you Jeff, you rock. Here are a few pics from the weekend.
....and, there is more. We are going back to the cabin this coming week to be with Craigs family, so I'm sure we will have some adventures to share.

cinnamon rolls

I didn't have any meetings this Sunday, so I decided to make cinnamon rolls with the kids. They were so funny, and totally loved the whole process. Layla made sure there was enough flour on the counter....and the floor, cupboards, drawer, her face, and of course in her hair. Gotta love it.
These are just some pretty hand casts I made this week.