Friday, November 18, 2011

Favorite Fridays

Sometimes we all have "bad mommy days"! Those days when you worry about your kids. You might wonder if you are patient enough, or too patient. If you have taught them the things they will need to be successful in this world, but not given them too much information. You might worry if you are feeding them the best food, making them feel loved, keeping the house clean, laundry done, and
bla bla bla.
The best cure I've found when I have a "bad mommy day" is to just sit down with the kids, and create something together. We all have busy hands, but our minds are free. This is the best time for us to share deeper thoughts with each other, and reconnect on a deeper level. This week we made a "Thanksgiving centerpiece". It was a fun little project, but it ended up taking up our entire table, hahaha.

 1. Have your kids gather 10 sticks from the backyard.

 2. Let them paint the sticks any color. (each of ours are a different color)

 3. let the kids help you cut out circles, and glue the circles onto a plate.

 4. Paint the letters for "GIVE THANKS" on your circles. We decided to cut some of the letters out instead of painting them:)

5. Tape the painted sticks to the back of the plates. Find 10 containers, and stick your signs in them.

There you go!
You will get a cute craft for your table, quality time with your kids, and that "good Mommy" feeling again;)