Thursday, November 10, 2011

favorite friday

Need I say more?

You really can't go wrong with Chocolate dipped....anything!
So have fun with it. Get wild. make a mess. And enjoy:)

Tooth Fairy

Here's a question for you. How much does the tooth fairy leave your kids?

This is the short version of Carter losing his first tooth.
Me at gym, kids at Aunties house.
Bathroom in use (by Carter).
Carter wiggling tooth...while working on other things;)
Tooth comes out.
Auntie hears "Aaaaa, it's bloody" and yelling...from the bathroom.
Auntie opens bathroom door to find undressed boy, and bloody tooth in his hand.

Yikes, that was a bit dramatic me thinks.

That night Mom and Dad fall asleep watching movie before tooth fairy arrives.
Lot's of sleeping.
Mom wakes up (6:00 am) to sad little Carter saying the tooth fairy couldn't come because he was awake all night.
Mom convinces Carter to go to sleep.
Tooth fairy made it.

Every one is happy.