Sunday, July 25, 2010

Benson Hall...that makes five

It's true, We had our baby. YAYYY! We are so happy to welcome Benson G Hall into our family. He is such a sweet boy, and we all love him so much. Carter says "well, now I guess that makes five. Five is a good number"
Layla loves to hold him, and wants to do it with no help. She also loves to set up her stuffed animals around him, and Carter loves to take his picture, because everything he does is "just so cute".
i will post more pictures and the story soon, but for now...i have a baby to feed.

Symphony at the Park

One of my most favorite summer traditions is going to the symphony at the park. It is the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. You go to church, take a nap, eat din din with the fam, head to the band shelter at the park, lay our your blanket in a nice shady spot, eat fresh peas out of the garden and listen to beautiful music. If you are my Dad, you will sneak in another nap.
It is just so blissful, what's not to Love.
Last week my Dad came with us, and Craigs Dad met us out there. Lovely.


As you know, Layla is my little accessories girl. She loves to accessorize, and honestly, I don't mind it so much myself. We had her hair cut into a cute little a line, and it looks adorable with a headband. That is her newest fetish, the headband.
A friend of mine makes headbands and things, so we traded a handcast for some of her work, this is one of the headbands she made me...and Layla soon claimed as her own.

She is just so dang adorable, what can ya do.

Choo chooooooo

Our local Miniature train club (yes, there really is such a thing...who knew?)had an open house the other day, and the public was invited to come see their hobby at it's best.

The kids and I had just had our "Mountain adventure", and we were not all adventured out I guess, so we headed over to check out the trains. The Men that worked so hard to put this display together were all standing around the trains, and they were so excited to show the kids what they had made. It was really cute. Carter wanted to stay for about 30 minutes after Layla and I were ready to go, he was really into it.
It's always fun to learn something new.

Mountain adventure

Carter was super excited when he found these leaves. He said "I have always wanted a giant leaf that I could stand on a slip down the hills". Cartoon fantasies at their best I guess.
Layla called this her secret tree fort
brother and sister, exploring the wild.
replaying a Dora and Diego adventure
Layla said we had to sneak up on the animals, so we had to be quiet. shhhhhhh.
I love this picture. I took it as we had just started our adventure, and you could just see the excitement in their faces. So cute.
Carters mission was to find a bird
Laylas mission was to find a fish.
The day after Relay for life I was a little disappointed that my baby was still in my tummy, so I took the Chickie's on a mountain adventure. We explored every path that lead off the main path, and Carter kept yelling "This is AWESOME", and thanking me for bringing them on this adventure.
We found 4 snakes, 3 squirrels, 1 fish, and lots of birds.
Plan to self induce labor- failed.
plan to make fun memories with Carter and Layla- successful.