Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mountain adventure

Carter was super excited when he found these leaves. He said "I have always wanted a giant leaf that I could stand on a slip down the hills". Cartoon fantasies at their best I guess.
Layla called this her secret tree fort
brother and sister, exploring the wild.
replaying a Dora and Diego adventure
Layla said we had to sneak up on the animals, so we had to be quiet. shhhhhhh.
I love this picture. I took it as we had just started our adventure, and you could just see the excitement in their faces. So cute.
Carters mission was to find a bird
Laylas mission was to find a fish.
The day after Relay for life I was a little disappointed that my baby was still in my tummy, so I took the Chickie's on a mountain adventure. We explored every path that lead off the main path, and Carter kept yelling "This is AWESOME", and thanking me for bringing them on this adventure.
We found 4 snakes, 3 squirrels, 1 fish, and lots of birds.
Plan to self induce labor- failed.
plan to make fun memories with Carter and Layla- successful.

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