Monday, September 29, 2008

Sitting down.Aaahhhh!

Do you ever get so busy that you suddenly realize you have to pee REALLY BAD, and that you haven't even stopped to go ALL DAY? I totally have had those days almost everyday of the past week, but today I finally got to sit down. And use the restroom at the appropriate time might I add. My good friend Amy Moore bought a first impressions franchise, and flew down from Arizona last weekend to train. She has one of the most beutiful baby girls ever, and she is soooo good. It was really fun to spend time with Amy, and I'm excited that we are going to have a good reason to keep in better touch now. I think the training went really well.
So have you guys heard about the new nursary manual the church came out with? It is 30 short lessons, activities, and visual aids. It's awesome for family home evening if you have small children. I got it a couple of weeks ago, and Carter likes to look through it and have me tell him the stories that go with the pictures. I told him that it's our new FHE book, and he asked if he could pick our next lesson. We prepared his lesson together today, and he is really excited to give it tonight when Craig gets home. He is so cute. It's so saticefying to see him make good decisions, and enjoy things that I want him to enjoy. Motherhood is amazing.