Sunday, May 10, 2009

KY, and the KY Durby

I went to Louisville for 8 days with my bro Matt, and my kids. We visited my other brother Paul and his family. He was graduating from dental school, and we wanted to see the Durby, so the timeing was perfect. My sister in law, Jenny, drove from Atlanta to see us. Sadly, I didn't have my camara that day, I'm so mad I didn't get any pictures with them. However, we did have a wonderful trip, and I'm so glad I got to make it.

Paul and Janelles house. It is for sale if anyone wants a super cute 4 bedroom house in Louisville.

A Bunch

I have a whole heck of a bunch of pictures, so enjoy! About 10 minutes after we got to Paul and Janelles house we saw this clown across the street, so Carter and I had to run over and say hello to him.
Easter Egg hunt at grandma Halls
Layla got this hat to wear with her Easter dress, and she has worn it almost every day since. She even wore it with her pj's on the air plane, and through the air port. We got LOTS of nice comments from strangers. So cute!
Our family on Easter
Layla & Carter
Layla and Grandma Karen on easter
Layla finding what the easter bunny left her
Carter finding his Easter suprise
Part of the Luau crowd (my family)
Carter gets his crazy face making skills from is papa...for sure!
Carter, Layla, and Kaiden at the Luau I put together.
Laylas First hair cut, but I forgot to get an after. rats. it did turn out super cute.

I gave Carter this bash tub body paint, and he had fun painting himself, Layla, the walls.

This is Laylas half of thier room, pretty cute.
p.s. we love getting comments, just in case you didn't know :)