Monday, April 6, 2009

Cleaning tip #1

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How to: Clean white appliances with Baking Soda

For a long time I struggled to find something that would clean the water and ice station on my fridge. I felt funny using a harsh chemical where I got the water to make my baby's formula. So I searched and searched ... and then my mom visited. She was determined to help me win this battle and so she dumped some Baking Soda and scrubbed with a cloth ... and, lo and behold, it was miraculously clean and white just like it should be.

After the success with my fridge, I started to use baking soda on lots of my white appliances and I have continued to be pleased with the results. I am also happy to find Baking Soda in bulk at Wal-Mart for an awesome price.

How to use Baking Soda:
1) Wet cloth and wipe surface you are cleaning.
2) Sprinkle baking soda on dirty surface.
3) Wipe with wet cloth until clean.

new bed

So, we moved Layla into a bed a couple of days ago. Crazy! Not only that, but we also moved her into Carters room. He had been getting scarred at night, in the dark, upstairs, all alone. Armed only with his flash light, and superman pajamas, he felt the need to slip into our room, night after scary night. That was a problem for us, in our own grown up kind of way.... you know what I mean. So that is the insanity that lead us to the current circumstances. The good part for Carter is that he has not been frightened at night, and for Layla it is that she can get out of bed all by herself....over....and over....and over again!
Last night we put the kids to bed, and waited. To our surprise no one came back out. When we were headed to bed ourselves we poked our heads in to check on them, and this is what we saw. Layla had rolled out of bed, and was laying with her head under her bed. HAHAHAHA. We just thought that was hilarious, and had to share the picture.
No matter how many times I have to put my kids back in their beds, I sure do love them. just when I think I'm ready to give them to the highest bidder they do something so funny, or sweet, or both.


Carter is learning how to swim, and he really really loves it.
TThis is just another wedding picture, and I thought it was really good of everyone. These are Craigs brothers and sisters, all but Becky.

Jeff and Kims Wedding

All the Grandkids with Grandma Hall
Layla totally bumped her eye, can you see her little black eye? sad
What a cute baby...and check out that hunk thats holding her!
Carter and Kaiden
Jeff and Kim
a bunch of crazy people
The happy couple
Jenny and Tenae, Craigs sisters. They look like a bunch of models, don't they?
Me, Jenny, Tenae, and Emma