Friday, April 15, 2011


These are my Twin boys born 5 1/2 years apart. They love and adore each other, and Carter likes telling people Benson is his twin brother. It's funny to see Benson make all the same expressions carter used to make as a baby, but he has a personality all of his own. He is a sweet sweet baby, loves to chatter and laugh. Today Layla and Benson were playing and giggling together, I asked What she was doing and she said "we were just talking to each other in baby Spanish". Are you kidding me, that's the cutest thing I ever heard. Benson wakes us all up every morning with his squills and giggles, he is my little sunshine baby.


Tasha Taylor Photography said...

SOOooo Cute!

abbynormal said...

Adorable. But my favorite part, I confess, is Carter's mini-hawk.

Tenae said...