Sunday, December 5, 2010

ginger bread houses, mobile homes, and out houses

Grandpa and Grandma Hall came over the other night, and we made gingerbread houses...the easy kind, with grahm crackers in stead of gingerbread. We kind of paired off into 3 teams, the Grandparents team, the girl team, and the boy team. When we were done we ended up with an out house from the grandparent team, a mobile home from the girl team, and a cute little house whith a car from the boy team...who would have thought.


abbynormal said...

What fun! And that Layla sure is pretty. Seriously. In that first pic, she's striking!

The Happy Halls said...

Just for the record . . . it was grandpa's idea for the outhouse! Thanks for inviting us, we had fun.