Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Funny!

There is this new blog called
and it is so funny. It's just a bunch of funny mommy moment pictures that people send in, and they post them. Every Tuesday they post a picture and have people leave their own "tag line" for it in the comment box. The winning tag line for the week gets $15 at . Today's Tag line picture is of my BENSON:) Go check it out. I submitted the tag line "you want to stick that thermometer WHERE?" with my picture, but when I went to submit it officially today someone had already written that WORD. FOR. WORD...dang!
Come up with your own, and have some fun.

1 comment:

abbynormal said...

Susie, is that the right blog? I went there to play, and it's a funny blog, but no pictures of cute Benson!