Friday, January 8, 2010


The other day I got an email about a blogging conference that will be held this spring.Once I accepted the fact that I am a big BIG nerd, I couldn't deny that it sounded like lots of fun,and would be the perfect place to go with the girls. They had a little form to fill out for people interested in speaking, so I figured why not try to get in for free. I didn't honestly think they would ask me, so I didn't say anything about it to the Craigster.
Fast Forward 2 weeks(ish).
I got this email from a sender I didn't recognize, and nearly deleted it. Luckily, I hit open on accident, and it was a letter letting me know I had been selected to be part of the Conference as a special guest. I was surprised, but really excited. Mostly becasue this meant a girls weekend was eminant in my forseeable future, and it would be free.
This Conferance is going to be a big PARTY, and I want you to come.
Go to, to get all the details.
See you there!?!

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