Tuesday, January 12, 2010

House Rules

Can I just say really fast how much I LOVE my family! I love them LOTS and LOTS!
Today we had my sweet little niece and nephew over to play, they live in Indiana, so it's a special treat when we get to be with them. There I was setting up the play dough supplies, just happy to have our visitors here.
Carter on the other hand had something else on his mind. He was worried that they might not know the "rules" for our house, so he took it upon himself to make them clear. I have to say, it might be a good thing he did, because I honestly didn't know some of them myself. Our "house rules" went as follows:

1. No fighting
2. no teasing
3. no dropping food on the floor
4. no yelling
5. no mean words
6. no throwing play dough at the chicken (our backyard pet)
7. Be happy
8. no hitting the chicken...or me
9. and no getting cheese out of the fridge unless you ask my mom first

As he went through his list, I had flashbacks of myself saying each one of those things to him, at one time or another....even the part about the play dough and the chicken.

My point, I discovered today that my four year old son actually does listen to me! yay for us.


Tenae said...

I love #6 and #9. He is so funny.

Jenny Bobo said...

Isn't it awesome when you figure out they do hear you...they just choose to act like they don't in case they are implicated?! Love him!

Meeks said...

I also laughed at #9. We have a wee man who loves to get cheese out of the fridge as well! hehehe

Mark and Kristen said...

That is hilarious!!!

Jason and Dana said...

Hahaha, that "no getting the cheese out of the fridge one without asking mom" is a rule at our house too! not that it is always followed.....kids are great, aren't they?