Monday, August 2, 2010

Art Sale

Carter heard from a cousin that she was going to Disney land with her family... that's all it took to plant the seed. Craig told him if he can earn enough money to buy his park pass for two days we will go, so Carter has been thinking of ways to earn money ever since. One idea he came up with was to sale his "art work". Every morning he wakes up before us, and starts drawing, coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, etc.
fast forward to relay for life preparations. I was a team captain for Relay, so I headed up fundraising, and Carter and Layla were my sidekicks. When he realized that I was raising money to find a cure for cancer, and Grandma Leslie died from cancer, he decided he wanted to give his money to relay for life.
These are picture of the art sale we had, combined with Laylas lemon aid stand. Carter and Layla made the perfect pair. As cars got near the house they would run out to the sidewalk and start dancing, and waving the cars worked. Who can resist? They were able to raise $46.50.
I am so proud of Him for the hours and hours, careful planning, and hard work he put into his fundraiser. Carter, I love ya.

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Tasha said...

What a good boy!