Monday, August 2, 2010

8 years

8 years ago I was on my way to the Idaho Falls LDS temple. I was riding in the car with Craig L. Hall, and my stomach was doing flips. I was nervous, but excited. I knew he was the man I was supposed the spend eternity with, the man I wanted to spend eternity with. I sat in the brides room with my Mom, she took one last look to make sure everything was was. Our families were all there, and the ceremony was beautiful...even though I honestly don't remember a word that was spoken. I was far away, floating on cloud 9.
Fast forward to now. We have 3 beautiful kids, 6 chickens, a cute little house with a cute yard and little garden. We don't have lots of expensive things, but we are so rich. We still have each other, and I still want him for eternity. We have all the important parts to a happy life.

last Wednesday Craig was riding to mutual on his Honda ruckus, and it was raining. He tried to slow down when the car in from of him did, but he couldn't stop, he crashed, and skidded for 45 feet...he wasn't wearing a helmet.
He walked in the door, clothes all torn up and bloody, his hands and side of his face were hamburger...I wanted to cry. He scrubbed all the rocks out of his leg, hands, and face, and that's when he looked like he wanted to cry..but of course he didn't. he was so blessed not to have sustained any serious injuries. He did hurt his shoulder, but for the most part he is OK.
The accident made me really think about how grateful I am for him, and what he means to me. The world. That man means the world to me, and I truly do love him with all my heart.

I wrote him this little poem for today, but I have to leave out a couple lines, because they are just for my Man to read:)

Like Love birds you and me,
Plus baby that made three.
soon we wanted more,
plus baby that made four.
a bigger car to drive,
plus baby that makes five.
your hair has gotten thin,
but my heart you still win.
My life with you is great,
I look forward to the next 8 (years).
Use this gift each day,
be safe, my love, I pray.

Can you guess what I gave him?


The Happy Halls said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you! YOU ARE A GREAT TEAM! (even if one of you is silent as a grave haha) Love Mom Hall

Emma said...

That's so scary! I'm glad that Craig is okay.

Tasha said...

Happy anniversary! I am so glad that Craig was okay! That is really scary! I love your poem! I am guessing it was... a helmet! :-) I hope that you are recovering well and enjoying every min. of that handsome new baby! We miss you guys! Loves~

abbynormal said...

I just read four of your last posts all at once and it had me laughing sometimes and crying sometimes. Thanks for sharing everything. You lead such a full, inspiring life. I am so glad mom and baby are okay and I am so glad Craig is okay.