Monday, August 2, 2010

camping and fishing

One of my most favorite people in the world is Craig's sister Jenny. It is so great to have someone that loves me and Craig so much. The problem is, they live in Georgia, and that is really far away. So any chance they have to visit we feel like we have to pack in a years worth of fun. I'm sure they go home feeling like they need another vacation to re coop from visiting us.
one thing we did while they were here was camping and fishing (because Greg loves it so much,wink wink).
Craigs brother Ben runs a fish hatchery, and has a great home/yard for camping out. Ben & Emma were nice enough to let us all crash at there place for the weekend, and the kids had a blast with there puppy, kittens, chickens, and nearby houses. Craig had to work, so i packed up the kids, and we went on our adventure without him.
jenny and greg
All the Hall cousins
Grandma Hall after spenidng the weekend with 15 crazy kids.
Me and Grace dancing
Me and Layla fishing at the hatchery
All the kids riding in the truck to the hatchery. Good thing we didn't see any police cars.
Carter with his two Golder Trout
Our big catch
The kids

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