Friday, January 11, 2008

  • So we kicked off the new year, and now we are finally getting back on track with our schedules. I organized a girls weekend last week with all my sisters, Mom, and Grandma. We had so much fun. Have you ever done one of those Murder Mystery parties? I highly recommend it, we went all out with our, costumes and everything. Who would have thought, Grandma Anna was the murderer. We also made these place mat handbags, so cute. And actually pretty easy.
  • Last Tuesday night was my ribbon cutting ceremony for my business at the chamber of commerce. It was nice. The point was mostly to introduce me to the local business community, and show that they have officially recognized first impressions as a local business. I am also excited because I get to have a trade table at the general membership meeting in Feb. That should turn out some nice prospects.
  • My Grandpa Earl has been having some health problems. He has brain sugary last week, and a couple of strokes. He lost his ability to speak for a while, but now he is regaining that. He is still having some short term memory loss, so we are making a book of pictures for him. I'll keep you posted on that. tootles, Susan

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