Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cute kids.

The other day Craig was playing outside with the kids, and when I went out to join them carter was pulling Layla in the wagon. It was the cutest thing ever. My neighbors were even standing in their windows watching, because it was so funny.
I started a movie for Carter, and went upstairs to get him a drink. Usually Layla will just follow me wherever I go, but she stayed down with Carter. When I came back with his drink Layla had climbed up into his chair, and they were snuggled in her blanked. so adorable
So everyone has been telling me forever to read the twilight series, but I thought it sounded to corny and sci-fi for me. well I finally gave in when my sweet neighbor went a bought it for I'm hooked. My poor family! No worries, there is enough room in my heart for my family and Edward. :)

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Jeff&Joanne said...

WELCOME TO THE CLUB GIRLFRIEND! Its a huge club! R U going 2 the movie November 21st? SO excited! I'm way disapointed w/ the casting for Edward though. :( ~JW