Sunday, November 30, 2008

my thanksgiving "outpourings"

There are three facts you need to know before I go on any farther.
Fact #1- Carter has a very bad gag reflex, and he can't handle any really bad smells, such as poop.
Fact #2- I am insane!
Fact #3- I had all the three year old cousins on the Hall side come over, and we had a "Diego Slumber Party". Thus confirming fact #2.

Everything started out great! We had the elders over for a nice lasagna dinner, played "Hide Diego, hide", and "Draw Diego, draw", and watched "Diego Saves Christmas". The kids had a great time, even though our slumber party didn't have much slumbering.

The next mourning was Thanksgiving, and this was the plan:
wake up, feed the kids breakfast, dress them, Craig takes the missionaries shopping, and i take the kids to the Hall family "Turkey Bowl" to return them to their rightful Mothers.

I knew things were off the moment we discovered that our cat had somehow gotten into our new(ish) Pathfinder.....the day BEFORE, and had been trapped in there all night. Cat + small confined space for extended period of time = LOTS OF POO. We got that all cleaned up, and by then Craig had a rush to get the Elders, leaving me to finish getting the kids ready by myself.

All the 3 year olds were fed, cleaned, and dressed, so I went downstairs to Laylas room to get her dressed. A moment later I hear Carter from the top of the stairs yelling/dry heaving "mom, (gag) it looks (gag) stinky in here (gag)!" (he always says looks instead of smells)I rushed to the stairs just in time to see Carter vomit down the stair. I yell "run to the bathroom, HURRY", so obediently, he runs to the bathroom leaving a vomit trail behind him. (Did I mention he had toast and peaches for breakfast?)I followed him to the bathroom, and as I turned the corner I saw what triggered the vomit episode. His sweet little cousin was standing there with his underwear and pants around his ankles, and poo all the way down his legs, smeared all over the floor, and even a little on the door. (I really have know idea how that happened). At that moment I hear sweet little Layla come up the stairs, and enter the Kitchen. Remembering the mess in there, I ran back in the kitchen to get her. I got there just in time to see her pick up a chunk of peach from Carters mess, and happily pop it into her mouth. AAAAHHHHH!!!

Lets have a quick recap! I'm poo...Carter puke...cousin poo...layla gets a snack!
Basically, the moral of the story is.......Carter needs to chew up his peaches.


The Simpsons said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! This is the funniest thing ever! I only laugh because I have been there...not this exact situation but what mother has not been pooped on, puked on, etc. You are so fun to have that party for the boys. Kaiden had a good time!

Mark and Kristen said...

Oh my gosh Susan!! Mark and I are laughing! What a crazy story! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ty and Em said...

Oh heavens! I truly feel sorry for you!!! I would have cried my pants off. But, knowing you, you probably kept it together pretty well!

Janelle said...

Sus----you always have the greatest stories! I laughed so hard I cried! Oh, the poop and puke stories!

abbynormal said...

Wow, I've heard a lot of stories in my life, but that...was...AWESOME.

If it makes you feel any better, Susie, I didn't call anyone while I was at home. I pretty much stayed at home with my family and did homework. But don't worry, the REAL fun will be in two weeks when I'm home again after finals and I won't have any projects breathing down my neck. Let's play then.

teresa said...

Ha ha!! That is such a funny story! I hope you still had a good Thanksgiving!

Spicer said...

Hey Susan, its Amy Spicer. I found your blog on a friends site. I loved this story. Cory and I were in tears of laughter while reading it. Congrats to you for keeping it together during the utter chaos! Its fun to read about your family happenings! Sounds like things are going well for you guys.