Friday, July 3, 2009


At swimming last week, Carter decided to do a cannon ball. He jumped as high as his little legs could launch him, and yelled "CANNOOONN" splash....up his head pops,"Ball"

Talking about his cousins, Angies girls, he always refers to them as "the princess'". Carter says to me "Mom, one of the princess' told me she was going to throw a rock at my face....that's crazy a pricess would say that huh."

Watching Kong foo Panda- "Oh please give him the Karate kick, do it do it do it...Yeaaaa, you did it."

Talking to Craig- "dad, when are we going to get more brothers and sisters?"
Craig- "I don't know buddy. Do you know where brothers and sisters come from?"
Craig- "Of course, they come from Jesus"

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