Friday, July 17, 2009

More Carter

I know I just did a "funny things Carter says" post a few days ago, but the kid is so darn hilarious, and random. He says things CONSTANTLY that are just hysterical, but I only remember a few of them. The first one sounds like an off colored comic strip, but I swear this is how our conversation went down word for word.
carter "Mom what does that say"
Me "I don't know it's in Spanish"
c " only fat guys can speak Spanish?"
me, surprised, and trying not to laugh "no, lots of people speak Spanish. Like all the people that live in Mexico"
Carter in a thoughtful tone "I guess all the people in Mexico moved here!"

He has this thing as of late about me having another baby. He brings it up all the time.
c "sometimes I think about good things"
m "really , like what?"
c"like you having a baby. that makes me happy!"
me thinking in my head "now you have to convince Dad that's a happy thought"

speaking of Dad, also known as Craig, or my hot lover man. He got a little promotion at Robert Allen Auto Group, but he wouldn't tell you that. He is still selling cars, but now he is also doing finance. He has a Fancy new office in back. They sent him to Texas all week to attend a training course, and he just got home tonight. We are soooo glad to have him back. we love him, and missed him a bunch. And now I don't have to be in charge of watering the lawn anymore :)

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