Saturday, August 29, 2009

four wheeling & the park

Craig and I took the kids on the most fun four wheel ride last week. It's the funniest thing, because all four of us ride on the same four wheeler. Someday I'll have one of my own (insert dreamy sigh).
One or our favorite family activities in the summer, other then four wheeling, is going to the Symphony. At Ross Part we have a band shelter, and every Sunday afternoon, the Symphony puts on a free concert. These pictures of the kids are at the last concert of the summer, a sure sign summer is over. I appreciate fall in full swing as much as the next girl, but I always feel a little sad to say goodbye to my dear friend Summer.
Dear Summer,
I know you had to go, but you will be missed. Don't go too far, and We'll see you after the spring.
Love, your friend Susan


Kristi said...

Cute, cute blog, Susan. Your kids are so precious! Looks like you've had a fun summer! Kristi

ps. I left a comment on your "leggings" blog. :)

Hale Family said...

Hi Susan
This is Victoria Hale - we were in Caldwell Park ward together. I just got an e-mail from Jenny Bobo and checked her blog and saw yours. You guys look great - kiddos are very cute - Layla-- what a cute name! We live in Afton Wyoming now and have a private blog - so e-mail me if you want an invite-
I noticed that we just got the same swingset! and I don't care for leggings at church - on anyone - but especially adults! I think they are pants!