Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sweet Followers Discovery

I am sure none of you (except the two that are my followers. yay for you) have discovered the magnificence and ease of being a blog follower, because I just discovered it my self. I was looking at my dashboard, and there was this little tag that said "2 followers" (thanks mom and sister), and at that moment I realized something very important...I'm a little blogger loser with my two sweet little followers. Yeah that's right, but the thing is I'm okay with that. Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog gonnit people like me...or at least that is what my mama always told me (thanks again mom).
I actually just a moment ago noticed the tab in the upper left hand corner of my screen that says "follow", so I clicked on it, and like magic I became a follower of a good friends blog. I gave her a little self esteem boost, and made it easy for me to be her web stocker all at the same time. Don't feel sad, because you too can easily become a blog stocker of your fav blogs (aah mine). You just have to click that magical little "follow" button at the top of the screen.
Easy peasy lemon squeezsy.
Happy weekend to you.


The Happy Halls said...

Love Craigs new look! Good choice of hair and makeup this morning. He never looked better.

Love Mom Hall

PS I can't find a follow button. I know I'm somewhat iliterate but, I seriously can't find it.

Nichole said...

Following is the bomb! Your hair looks so cute!

The Simpsons said...

I will follow you anywhere! LOVE the pic of craig! ha ha