Friday, November 6, 2009

The Sicken or the Hicken

Mr. Craig decided our sweet little Chloe needed a real Chicken Coop, so he used his manly tools, and construction began. Soon he had erected this fine little chicken house. After the hard labor was done we were all enlisted to paint. As we (Me, Craig, Carter, and Layla) painted the coop together, Craig and I realized there was some debate about what kind of animal our little Chloe was. Carter insisted we had a "Sicken", and Layla was determined we had a "Hicken", so they had an extensive discussion as to whether it was a Sicken or a Hicken.
It has been written "A Sicken or a Hicken" for all to debate, and these words can be found on the front of the coop, above the main entrance.

The chicken gives us EGGS.
It's true.
Carter made this discovery a couple of weeks ago, and came running into the house yelling "The Sicken gives us eggs Mom, the Sicken gives us eggs" with the most excited voice you can imagine from a four year old boy. That kind of excitement is contagious, and soon we were all equally exited and amazed. Not sure why we were so amazed and surprised about it, but we were. I had the camera out, the kids took turns holding it, and the doorbell rang. It was my hand appointment, they were slightly confused about why we were all so excited...even after I explained to them "our Chicken layed an egg". Anyway, all the excitement came crashing down (or crushing down)as the cute little egg fell in slow motion to the hardwood kitchen floor. Layla was devastated! Lucky for us all, our Chicken is fertile in the egg department.
Now collecting eggs is a highlight in our daily routine... hope it keeps its magic.


Angie & Dan said...

Cute pics!

Janelle said...

You have a chicken? How fun!

Garth said...

I have seen the sicken coop or hicken coop or what ever kind of coop it is. Fun stuff. The new sleek black paint job is very nice.