Friday, April 9, 2010


Today I spend the morning with my Grandma Anna, and she commented how great it is that carter and Layla have each other. We listened for a moment to them talk, and play together.
It made me think of my big brother Paul, we are the same age difference as carter and layla. He is such a great friend to me, and I always know he will have my back when I need him...but our friendship didn't start out so sweet.
We didn't exactly like each other when we were young, OK, we flat out hated each other. He got no greater joy out of life then to make me cry, and my most accomplished moments were the ones when he was getting in trouble. I would cry in my sleep "Paul, stop it", and my poor Mother would rush into my room in annoyance that he was bothering me at that time of night... but all she would find was me, fast asleep.
Not sure exactly what made the 360 change for us, but when I was 15, we suddenly decided we could stand each other. More than that, we actually started hanging out, and joining our groups of friends.
Now Paul has graduated from Dental School, and is 1st in his specialization program. He is married to the red headed version of me (I adore her of course), and has had each of his 2 1/2 children within a month of my 2 1/2 children. He is kind, strong, bold, and changing lives.
Paul, if you ever read this...I love you!


Ty and Em said...

Didn't Paul torment all of us as little girls? And look how well he's turned out. Love ya, Suz.

Janelle said...

He loves you too Sus! You guys give me hope for my own kiddos! Maybe they'll like each other some day too!

Paul said...

I love you too susan.
The turning point for me was right before Matt left on his mission. We were talking one night(matt & I) and I just told him that it was going to be difficult for me to have him gone. He said to me "Paul, I'm not going to be here to protect susan any more, now it's your job" and that was that. I really did listen to what he said and I am glad that I did.