Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Layla had a birthday

Layla had a birthday shout hooray! About a month befor her actual birthday, Layla asked me if she could have a lady bug birthday party, I said "sure" with little thought, and went about my way. The next day we saw my dad, and Layla said "gwanpa, I'm dowin to have a lady bug bowfday paw-o-ty", and that is what she continued to tell everyone we saw for the next four weeks. She is amazing! She knows what she wants, and she makes a plan to get it...no matter what. That could be a trait that will be a major benifit to her someday, so I don't want to squash it...except when she wants something I don't want her to want. But seriously, she is one determined little angel, and you just can't help but love and adore her.
I love the way she wispers sweet nothings in my ear, and asks for butterfly kisses when I tuck her in at night. The way she kisses my belly, and talks to her baby brother. The way she asks for help with saying a prayer, and then says what she wants anyway. The way she follows Carters every move, but isn't afraid to make her own path sometimes. The way she twirls her hair between her right hand fingers, and sucks the fingers on the left when she gets sleepy, and most of all I love the way she makes us all feel happy when we look at her. Layla, you are my sunshine!

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