Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a party

Last summer the kids and I decided to make one last trek to Boise before Baby Benson made his grand debut. During the course of our visit Carter discovered that Boise had a Chuck E. Cheeses. Not only did they have one, but his oldest cousin worked there. That was it, his mind was set, he was going to spend his next birthday at Chuck E. Cheeses in Boise. If you know Carter at all, you know determination and persistence are two of his strong areas.
Month after month Carter would talk about how great his 6th birthday was going to be in Boise, with his cousins, at Chuckies. Craig and I tried talking him into going to outer limits here in town, or having a friend party, or going to Idaho Falls chukies, all without success.

Carter got his wish, we went to Boise, and chuck e cheese. Lucky for us, biggest cousin was working that night (and part of his job is to wear the mouse costume), so Carter got lots of extra attention...and tokens:) And as if that weren't all great enough, all of his cousins gave him their tickets...so he hat LOTS, and got some fun prizes. He was in Heaven, and kept saying over and over "that was the best birthday EVER" with emphasis on the "EVER". Thank you to all of you that helped make that night so magical for Carter. It is one I think he'll always remember.

While we were in Boise we went rock climbing at the Y, and to my surprise Carter climbed all the way to the tippy top of the rope ladder. Layla saw that little bell at the top of the wall, and looked up at me with big eyes while she exclaimed "I'm going to ring that bell MOM"....she did. It was absolutely unbelievable! the room of people waiting to climb was filled with cheers as we all watched this amazing little 3 year old girl, with the focus of a tiger on the prowl, climb to her goal...the bell. She rang that bell with pride, and then she looked down for the first time from the top of the 35 foot wall. Layla kept her composure, but she definitely didn't know what to do, she froze. After a few minutes and coaxing she made it back down, and I was one proud little Mama. What amazing children I get to spend my life with.

side note: notice the red ribbon Carter is wearing in all the pictures. It says "I am 6" he wore that ribbon ALL WEEK, it was Hill-a-rious. He was SO proud of himself for turning 6:)

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