Tuesday, April 5, 2011

kids say the darndest things

The other day when we had the balloon launch for Mom, Layla was looking up toward heaven blowing as hard as she could. Her face was turning read, and her little body was shaking because she was blowing SO HARD. I asked her what she was doing, she said "I just sent a kiss up to Grandma, and I want to make sure he gets to her". So sweet, it made me cry.

This story is most definitely inappropriate to share...but too funny not to. So I'm telling you now, if you are going to let yourself be offended...don't read it! Layla was in my room talking to me as I was getting dressed and ready for the day. I told her to turn around for a minute while I got dressed, but I guess she just had to peek. She suddenly stopped what she was saying mid sentence and exclaimed "Wow, you have REALLY fat ankles Mom!", I laughed and said "what?" as I turned to look at her. She then lifted up her shirt and said "my ankles are little, but I think they'll get fat when I'm a mama too". Haha, I don't have a clue why she thinks they are called ankles...but we'll just leave that one alone for now.

The other day I was at the pita pit (love it btw) with Carter. There were these two cute Hispanic families there, and they started talking to each other in Spanish. Carter looked at me and said "what language are they speaking?", I replied "That's Spanish". He considered that for a moment, and thoughtfully said "I wonder if they speak human?".

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abbynormal said...

What a joy those little children of yours are. And what a blessing to have them in your life to lift you up!